The New Paradigm For Chronic Knee Pain Treatment That THEY Don’t Want You To Know About

To be honest I’m not even sure THEY even know about it either…

And when I am talking about THEY, I suggest physicians and physical therapists. From what I’ve seen and read over the previous 12 years since my 4 knee dislocations and subsequent ligament reconstruction in my knee. There isn’t anyone out there discussing about specific treatment to deal with complete chronic knee pain elimination.

Sure you hear out of a medical perspective about prescription drugs, shots/injections into the knee, and knee surgeries as treatment for chronic abdominal pain. . .But everyone understands this at best is that a”band aid” on the issue.knee pain columbia missouri

Then there’s the”on the counter” approach in which you have lots of gels, creams and ointments which produce the knee feel hot/cold/numb, a complete slew of knee wraps and wraps, and of course that the laundry set of all pills to choose and also numb your pain. . .for a bit.

But is all of this treatment really working?

From what I can tell it seems like the”pros” on knee therapy are at best giving”shots in the dark” as to what exactly is causing chronic knee pain.

You will discover unique explanations your knee hurts, the ligament or meniscus is torn and has to be adjusted.

This was why I had been given when I had my knee surgery.

But you know what?

Therefore the actual reason why I had chronic knee pain was not only because something within my knee has been ripped or broken.

And what about the innumerable people who go to the doctor and possess an x-raya CT scan or a MRI and a physician says,”nothing is broken or torn.” Yet they’re still limping and compensating due to their knee hurts.

Then what?

I really don’t hear anyone upgrading and giving a great logical explanation of what the body is doing in this case that does not seem like a politician hoping to scam their response so they wont lose from the popularity polls.

Well here is the secret.

I can’t speak on WHY no one else is discussing this. I’ll also give a direction as to everything you can begin doing .

So here goes!

There is only a single reason and 1 reason only why you will ever suffer knee pain.

Pay close attention!

Your nervous system is like the dash in your vehicle.

When something goes wrong at your car like your oil, engine, or battery. This particular part of your dash board lights around give you an indicator that something is going on with this particular component of your vehicle.

Your nervous system works in the same way.

When your knee hurts, this really can be the human body allowing you to realize that something is going on with your own knee.

This feedback is important to understanding your knee issue.

Therefore that the only real reason why you suffer knee pain is as the nerves in your knee have been pumped or interfered with for some reason which is sending out a signal to a brain you have knee pain.

That is indeed essential is bears repeating.

The ONLY reason you have knee pain is because the nerves on your knee are being squeezed or interfered with in some way that’s sending a signal to a brain you have knee pain.

The only way you could possibly get rid of your knee pain and also stop the swelling, distress, and also additional wearing of the knee joint would be by beginning to find the pressure off of the nerves on your knee causing the knee pain.

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